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It's important that your wedding day be a representation of who you are as a couple; fully reflects your personalities in its style,and includes characteristics that chime with your interests and view of yourselves and the wider world. That is what a celebrant seeks to capture during planning meetings. 

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Designing the text of a ceremony to harmonise with your vows, chosen readings and favourite music is the celebrant's task in  collaboration with you.  Prior to the day you will be sent a full working script of the ceremony, this will put your mind at ease knowing that everything has been considered and you can relax in safe hands.

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 All the preparations have been made, there is nothing now to do but fully enjoy your day. We'll have had a rehearsal of the ceremony so that you can be relaxed and as happy as you deserve to be on your wedding day. Your celebrant will be there to conduct the ceremony and leave your presentation copy of the ceremony as an additional memento of your day.